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THE THEME helps define how you, your family, friends, and guests will be able to become part of the solemnization. Here are some guidelines:

  • Christian - embraces the values of the New Testament with overtones from Baptist, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and the Church of England traditions.
  • Spiritual - removes religious organizations from the Rites being exchanged and focuses on the participants and their devotion to each other. May or may not include traditional prayers and blessings and is a way to expression the Love shared the way the couple prefers and not any particular church, or religious sect.
  • Non-Religious - the standardized format established by local governments, the media, or standards used by the Justice Courts of Texas. References to a divine spiritual being and religious doctrine are excluded.
  • Traditional - standard Christian wedding which is planned out and executed in the manner which has evolved since the landing of the Puritans at Plymouth Rock. This theme would rely on an adherence to a religious organization similar to a Catholic or Baptist ceremony.
  • Modern - the new family structure and the union of not only the participants but their children is also possible and can create a great way to establish and affirm the bonds needed between step brothers and sisters.
  • Intimate - a quite ceremony establishing between the two participants, and perhaps up to 5 guests at a hotel restaurant, a private dining area, or even at residence.

THE ELEMENTS can include any additional segment of spiritual grace. Be sure to remember your audience, folks born in the mid-seventies will have memories of large wedding at churches and reception thereafter. They may enjoy a journey down memory lane with just a couple of prayers and a blessing.

THE TRADITION is an expansion of the standard 10 segment ceremony dating back prior to the Old Testament, so a Tradition allows a couple to express special sentiments with their family and friends. You can pick a tradition during the meeting time with the Officiant. It is definitely worth considering!

Please use this form to reserve your wedding date and time on the Officiant's calendar. If you have not selected a date, that is okay, you can still meet and discuss what type of ceremony works for you, and when you get the date, just contact the office, or resubmit a new form. If the date needs to be changed, that is fine also, simply call to make changes. If you need to cancel your date, please contact the office so we can open up your time slot to another couple. NEW Virtual Ceremony now available!