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The goal for each wedding is to ensure the ceremony is custom designed for you and your guests. In order to achieve this please see the below overview of each type of ceremony.  During your meeting with the minister/officiant a plan will be developed and a draft sent to you for approval. For those couples needing a simple civil ceremony the meeting with the officiant is not necessary.

In order to ensure your wedding day is focused completely on you and your guests, we request all fees to be paid one week prior to the scheduled ceremony date. In the event a schedule change or cancellation occurs please advise the office at least 3 days prior to the ceremony date.  All services include the return of the Marriage License to the County Clerk were it was purchased.No one is denied a ceremony for lack of funds.  Please speak with the officiant if assistance is needed.


This is the standard civil ceremony which is also performed by your local Justice of the Peace in their courtroom and normally takes from 3 - 15 minutes. This would be a good service for individuals in the military who need to have their Marriage License completed before leaving for a mission, a couple needing to have the license recorded in order to have access at schools, or people who just want to get the license recorded quickly with the county.


This is the traditional ten elements wedding ceremony dating back prior to the Old Testament. The couple can choose from different themes to reflect how they wish to share their wedding with family and friends. Each ceremony is created for you and there are no "canned scripts". Each is unique to the couple and their special day. You may also choose to include one Tradition, such as "Blending of the Sands", the "Unity Candle" or others in your ceremony.  Running time for this service is from 15 - 20 minutes depending on the venue and the number of people participating in the ceremony.


This ceremony has been created for same-sex couples who have the flexibility to bring traditional elements together with personal beliefs or something completely different which embraces the inclusion of friends and children as appropriate. The service for each couple is unique as modern organized religions do not have a "template" by which to adhere to.  This service can last up to 30 minutes depending on requirements and size of guest list.


The formal wedding is designed for a large gathering of family and friends of over 250, and is formal attire, includes formal dinner, and an event manager with a wedding planner is retained. The Officiant works with the wedding planner, and is on-call one week prior to the ceremony for both the couple and wedding planner. A set of transcripts is prepared for both sides of the family and includes up to three traditions. The estimated time from the point the bride begins walking down the isle, to the point of presentation is 30-60 minutes and includes the night of rehearsal and the prayer over the wedding dinner.  


The standard ceremony is included in this package and is perfect for the couple who have up to 100 guests and would like a unique and elegant lakeside ceremony. The venue includes parking, seating, and a specially designed gazebo with photo area. This package includes only the venue and officiant. All other ancillary wedding services must be planned for separately. Please contact the officiant at least two months prior to reserve the event date at our location.


The entire ceremony is transcribed in Edwardian Script on heavy parchment and can be presented to anyone at the wedding or kept as a keepsake to share with children or grandchildren to commemorate their lineage.  The document will have the signature and raised seal of the officiant embossed in gold leaf.  A great idea as a token to either participants in-laws. A second copy can be created at half price. View example.


Historically a certificate of marriage was issued in addition to the marriage license which is returned by the county clerk after it is recorded.  Our culture has all but retired the certificate, however it still hold a significance is other countries and can sometimes be required over the county document in some Eastern and Asian cultures.  The certificate is prepared on heavy stock and will bear the signature and seal of the officiant.  View example.


For wedding themes from historical time periods, other religious denominations or cultures, or a ceremony which requires special documentation and rewriting. Research is conducted and charged only at the request of the wedding principles. Standard traditions do not require this type of research or historical analysis.