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The guiding principle behind our company is one of compassion, and providing a culture where each person engages one another from a position of Trust, Integrity, and Honor. No person wishing to have the ceremony should worry about price. Any couple needing assistance can contact the office, and share the challenges they are having. We will do the right thing to ensure your wedding can be handled with our writings and creation.

The Difference

The difference by selecting our format in delivering your ceremony, is you can participate in the creation itself, and select from many different themes and traditions, or use one already prepared. From a simple three-minute civil service to an elaborate traditional dating back to the 1800's lasting almost forty-five minutes - and everything in between. Meeting with the Minister or Officiant is encouraged before making a final decision on who will best reflect your feelings on this most important day.

The Officiant

Your officiant is Wayne Echelmeyer, who has administered the Rites of Marriage to couples since May 2008. Raised Catholic, and studying philosophy and the histories of religion as a secondary discipline in College, the calling was heard towards the middle of a career in corporate america. After studying the elements of the ceremony, and reflecting on how best to give back to the community, it was a natural way to create a meaningful element to a couple's most important step in their relationship.

Create a special moment in time with a theme which represents you and your guests. Whether this is your first marriage or a union which is being created from experience, you will have a memorable ceremony celebrating the only institution mankind possesses which transcends all religions and all governments - The Rites of Marriage.

Do you need a venue in Van Zandt county and have a limited budget?  Our venue is available at a discounted price and the location will absolutely amaze you.  Please contact the office for more information and on the pricing page.

A Wedding Service is performed by an Officiant or Celebrant and can be both religious / spiritual or you can have a non-religious wedding as the couple sees fit. A wedding ceremony which is a simple civil service should be conducted at a low cost / cheaper rate.  The gay union can be a spiritual, religious, or non-religious wedding as the couple sees fit. It is best to hire an experienced wedding celebrant, officiant, or minister and ensure they comply with the couples wishes at the solemnization.